Mag. Romana Šuštar

Mag. Romana Šuštar

Mag. Romana Šuštar - ONA VE -

Ime mi je Romana Sustar, delam in živim v tujini. Po poklicu sem vodja marketinga za ameriško podjtje, ki se ukvarja s tehnologijo. Stik s Slovenijo ohranjam s poučevanjem slovenskega jezika na University College London / School for Slavonic and Eastern European studies.

Moj moto je: “Embrace technology, but keep humanity.”

ONA VE je edinstvena.

I am an innovative marketeer with demonstrable global experience. I can forge and develop cohesive business relationships and build rapport with all stakeholders with excellent communication skills in several languages. I can communicate, present and influence all levels of the organisation, including executive and C-level.

I successfully spearhead field marketing initiatives across different markets and play an essential function in executing and measuring results of various marketing campaigns. In addition, I am experienced in creating and executing strategic marketing plans to maximise revenue.

In addition, I speak seven languages at a professional level (English, German, Slovene, Spanish, Italian, French, Serbian and Croatian). Foreign languages are part of my daily life and a vital quality I apply in my professional occupation, from corporate to education science and volunteering.

My maxim is to always strive for excellence, and it is imperative that I enjoy my work and achieve both personal and team targets to see the positive difference I make. I am always happy to discuss possible networking opportunities, so please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

My working ethos is: “Embrace technology, but keep humanity.”

10+ years Business Experience / SaaS, B2B
10+ years Multilingual Communication (7 languages)
10+ years Customer Service Experience
10+ years Teaching, Training, Learning designer
08 years Digital Marketing and Social Media

Countries of employment – so far:
#Austria, #China, #Croatia, #France, #Germany, #Greece, #Slovenia, #SouthAfrica, #UK and #USA.

Pro bono activities:
The Chair of the German Language Society at Chartered Institute of Linguists, Slovene language ambassador, St John Ambulance vaccination volunteer

One of my hobbies:
Getting ready for a yearly half-marathon somewhere in the world :)

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