Zvonka Schmit

Zvonka Schmit

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Sem strokovnjakinja za računovodstvo in davke, ki je svojo življensko pot začela s študijem na Fakulteti za varnostne vede, a sem se nato usmerila v svet računovodstva. Priložnost za rast sem našla v mednarodnem podjetju za davčno svetovanje, kjer sem pridobila dragocena znanja. Nadaljevala sem v mednarodnem energetskem podjetju, kjer sem najprej koordinirala skupino na področju davkov in računovodstva, ter nato napredovala v management, trenutno kot direktorica zastopam več odvisnih družb.


I am an experienced accountant and tax advisor at the moment engaged as a regional director in the international energy company with a comprehensive background in the energy industry, particularly focused on the dynamic Balkan markets.
My expertise lies in a support in development of energy projects with local partners, complemented by a wealth of knowledge in taxes, group accounting, business development, and process improvement. I possess a deep understanding of the relationship between local market dynamics and the expectations of dislocated mother companies, effectively bridging the gap to drive success.
Throughout my career, I have successfully connected regional environmental development initiatives with the strategic objectives of multinational organizations. This includes navigating the complexities of the Balkan markets in the context of energy business, encompassing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and district heating. I excel in overseeing projects’ profitability and streamlining back-office operations to optimize financial performance. My approach is characterized by a balanced blend of analytical and creative thinking, enabling me to make strategic decisions that drive positive outcomes.
Collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, I am driven to achieve growth and success while fostering collaborative relationships. With a strong passion for advancing sustainable energy solutions, I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the industry.

Employment History
Procurator, Tpa Horwath Slovenia, Ljubljana
April 2004 — June 2013
As a Procurator in an international consultant services I held a managerial role in leading and supervising employees within our international accounting service. My primary focus was to ensure the highest quality of work and deliver exceptional services to our clients. I provided guidance to foreign owners of companies in Slovenia, assisting them in navigating the intricate landscape of income calculation, payroll and taxation for individuals in the country.
I offered advisory services to our clients on matters related to corporate income tax, value-added tax, and the intricacies of labor relations in Slovenia.

Owner, Self-employed / S-team d.o.o., Trbovlje
July 2013
As the founder and owner of my own company, I established a professional services firm where I provided specialized tax advice and coordination in various
tax matters. Through my company, I delivered expert guidance in areas such as VAT, corporate income tax, transfer pricing, personal income tax, and withholding
tax. I took pride in offering personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.
Recognizing the importance of digital transformation, I led the implementation of new digital solutions within my own company and the project companies I collaborated with. This transition to a paperless environment improved operational efficiency and enabled smoother processes across the group.

January 2018
As a Regional Director for Interenergo d.o.o., a part of the Kelag international group, I hold a role in facilitating business development and creating a solid business environment for energy projects in diverse markets. With a focus on regional expansion, my responsibilities encompase providing specialized services to prepare
favorable conditions for the successful development of energy projects in multiple countries. In this role, I collaborated closely with various stakeholders, including local
authorities, industry experts, and key partners. One of my key responsibilities was to ensure compliance with local regulations and foster strong relationships with local partners. By understanding the specific legal and regulatory frameworks in each country, I provided valuable insights and guidance to mitigate potential risks and facilitate the smooth implementation of energy projects.

Economic technician, Gymnasium and economic high school, Trbovlje
Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security

Certificate for a proven expert in Value Added Tax
Certificate for a proven expert in Corporate Tax
Tax consultant course

Sustainability regulations
Business organization
Tax compliance
Ability to Work in a Team
Business Development
Communication Skills
Process implementation
Group Corporate Governance
Group accounting and finance integration
Analytical skills

Croatian, Serbian

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