Barbara Lebar

Barbara Lebar

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Sustainable business can only be achieved through strong collaboration, sharing, and supporting, developing people to grow high performing teams.
In my current role I enable sales, customer support teams and leaders at all levels.
Aviation has been my passion since I did my PPL .I am highly impressed by Advanced Air Mobility solutions. Aviation has never faced such of changes that is facing now, and I am thrilled to be part of it with Manta Aircraft, supporting sustainable aviation globally.

Passionate about selling and growing the business, pioneering new business territories and challenging the status quo.
Entrepreneurial mindset, curious, determined and bold, resilient in action with strong business acumen.
Believe in challenging people out of their comfort zone in every aspect of business to achieve beyond expected.

Business development is not a job for me, it’s like a drug that gives me necessary kick to perform. Over 15 years of business development in growing new markets for – behavioural development company Gustav Kaeser and the last 6 years we added to our portfolio operational consulting pillar under the global brand Hansen Beck. Due to my economics and engineering background most of my clients are from industrial sector, ICT, financial and logistics, developing their business & sales strategies and implementing it in practice, including relevant development of people. Under operational consulting I led development of strategy, it’s implementation (set strategic goals, follow up and follow through) and development of people to buy in & engage to it.

11 years of geographical pioneering and business development experience; opening new offices and developed solid client base in Turkey and Middle East Region, as well as find strategic partners in KSA, and develop agreement with them.
Developing business in the Middle East means building relationships through formal and informal networking, flexibility in negotiating, building trust and establish transparency at operational and C-level and going beyond conventional technical negotiations.

Aviation has always been my passion and consulting projects with Aerospace industry were rather a result of it. Sustainability is the second one and if I can match both, there is a winning formula for success.
I am highly impressed by Advanced Air Mobility solutions (hybrid propulsion trains, (e)VTOL/ STOL and environment friendly propulsion solutions), especially when we think of the whole value chain not only being an OEM manufacturer.
Half of my current job time I dedicated to get investments and establish supply chain for US aviation start up LuftCar, developing hybrid propulsion powered flying car. In March 2022 I joined Italian company in advanced air mobility Manta Aircraft, developing business, strategic partnerships and grow the advanced Air mobility ecosystem in the Middle East and Africa region.

Why pioneering and exploring beyond traditional gives me a kick? The life experiences gave me resilience and ability to regain cognitive function quickly, assess new situation, and take goal-directed action fast. Therefore, opening new markets, negotiating with public and private sector, when hurdles on the way appears, is the area where I feel myself good and challenged. High energy, persistence, and passion to achieve set goals are my attitude when collaborating and selling concepts internally or externally.
What gives me highest satisfaction is end- to-end responsibility, from identifying business opportunities to delivering it. I cannot imagine a job without revenue generating responsibility, developing new business opportunities, and searching for inventive solutions for client’s and current business challenges.

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